Karl Mediz

Portraits of Daughter Gertrude Mediz,

two drawings, 1911 and 1913-14


Karl Mediz (Vienna 1868-1945 Dresden)

Mädchenportrait (Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Gertrude Mediz)


pencil and chalk on paper

43 x 36 cm

lower right signed: "Karl Mediz"

lower right inscribed and dated: "Dresden 1911."

The Daulton Collection

Publication History:

Jan Erbelding, Gertrude (Munich: Hammann von Mier Verlag, 1921, forthcoming), back cover illustration.

Gertrude Honzatko-Mediz (1893-1975) was the daughter of Karl Mediz and his wife Emilie Mediz-Pelikan.  A mystical painter in her own right, Gertrude (also known as Gertrud or Trude) was born in Krems, Austria; she died in Zurich, Switzerland.

Karl Mediz (Vienna 1868-1945 Dresden)

Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Gertrude Mediz


pastel on paper

68 x 39 cm


The Daulton Collection



Jack Daulton
The Daulton Collection