Julius Klinger

Mermaid and Octopus


pen and ink drawing


Julius Klinger (Dornbach/Vienna 1876-1942 Minsk, Belarus)

Mermaid and Octopus, also known as “Femme et Pieuvre"


pen and ink drawing

8 x 5 1/2 inches 

initialed in lower left margin: "J. KL."

dated in lower right margin: "1907"


The Daulton Collection

This is a preparatory drawing for a lithograph that was published in Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration in 1908.

Publication History:

Dr. Max Osborn, "Julius Klinger, Schwarz-Weiss," Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration (Darmstadt: Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch), Band XXI (October 1907-March 1908), January 1908, pgs. 272-278, ill. at pg. 274.


A turning point in Julius Klinger's early career was the publication of an article about him in the influential Jugendstil art magazine Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration.  The article was illustrated with seven lithographs, including "Mermaid and Octopus."  The author, Dr. Max Osborn, noted Klinger's stylistic affinity with artists such as Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt, and Constantin Somoff.

Dr. Max Osborn, "Julius Klinger, Schwarz-Weiss," Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration
Dr. Max Osborn, "Julius Klinger, Schwarz-Weiss," Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration
detail showing signature and date:
view with frame:
as published in Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration:


The Daulton Collection