Corneille Max

Dora Gedon as Flamenco Dancer

before 1925

oil on canvas


Corneille Max (Munich 1875–1924)

Portrait of the Dancer Dora Gedon in Flamenco Attire, 

with a Mantón de Manila thrown over her shoulder

before 1925 (probably circa 1905)

oil on canvas

115 x 97 cm 

signed "C. Max"

The Daulton Collection

Corneille Max was the eldest son of artist Gabriel von Max.  Corneille studied under Gabriel von Hackl and Anton Ažbe and became known as a portrait and landscape painter as well as an etcher.  He was a member of the German Association of Artists [Deutschen Künstlerbund].  His brother, Colombo Max (1877-1970), was also an artist.


In 1905, Corneille Max married Wilhelmine Gedon (1877–1943), known as "Stora" or "Storchl," daughter of the noted Munich architect and artist Lorenz Gedon (1844-1883).  The dancer Dora Gedon (1883–1972), the subject of the present painting, was Corneille's sister-in-law.  During the First World War, Corneille suffered a poison gas injury, from the sequelae of which he died in 1924 at the age of 48.



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Jack Daulton

The Daulton Collection

Los Altos Hills, California