Kongress für Biologische Hygiene ,

vintage poster, 1912


Fidus (Luebeck 1868-1948 Woltersdorf bei Berlin), also known as Hugo Hoeppener

"Kongress für Biologische Hygiene zu Hamburg" ["Congress for Biological Hygiene in Hamburg"], 

"Vorträge über Hygiene, Ernahrungsfragen, neurs Denken in der Medezin, Eugenik, Kulturparlament u.A." ["lectures on hygiene, nutritional issues, new thinking in medicine, eugenics, cultural parliament, etc."]



vintage poster (lithograph?), published by Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin

66 x 45,2 cm

signed in the plate on the right: "fidus" 

condition: signs of wear in the margins, otherwise in very nice condition with fresh colors

"Fidus designed the poster for a congress on 'biological hygiene' that took place in Hamburg in 1912, where he also delighted listeners with a slide lecture on his art of 'rising life.' His poster shows a 'Nordic' man in the process of breaking his bonds and rising up to the stars."  Berlinische Galerie, Museum für Moderne Kunst.


Jack Daulton
The Daulton Collection
Los Altos Hills, California