Magnus Weidemann

Abendstimmung auf Sylt 

[Sunset on Sylt]

watercolor, 1934


Magnus Weidemann (Hamburg 1880-1967 Keitum)

"Abendstimmung auf Sylt" ["Sunset on Sylt"]


watercolor on "Schoellershammer" cardboard

49,4 x 68,6 cm (framed, 52,5 x 72 cm)

lower right signed "WEIDEMANN," monogrammed "MW" and dated "1934"

condition: small marginal lesions, there with tiny loss of color; occasional inconspicuous scratch marks; small brownish spots in places on the sheet margin (probably inherent in the work)

Magnus Weidemann was German pastor, painter, graphic artist, photographer, author, and architect. He was a leading advocate of Freikörperkultur (FKK), naturism, within the Lebensreform (Life Reform) social movement.  From 1926, he resided on the island of Sylt in northern Germany.


Jack Daulton
The Daulton Collection
Los Altos Hills, California