Marie Kirschner

Große Vase (Large Vase)





Marie Kirschner (Czech-Austrian-German, Prague 1852-1931 Kosatky)

Große Vase (large vase)


colorless glass, metallic silver-grey braided, reduced and iridescent; underpinned and optically blown in a multi-part rib model; overlaid red and colorless

height 19,8 cm; diameter 35,1 cm

on bottom, engraved monogram: MK

manufactured by Johann Lötz Witwe, Klostermühle, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary;

Klostermühle, 1904/05; decor: Red Melusin; form: Prod. No. 1090/160

The Daulton Collection


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Helmut Ricke, Ernst Ploil, et al.,  Lötz. Katalog der Musterschnitte, Vol. 2 (Munich 1989), pg. 350.

another view:
detail showing monogram:


Jack Daulton

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