Paula Rösler

Blooming Black Pine

paper-cut, c. 1920-30


Paula Rösler (Schlierbach 1875-1941 Wurmsdorf bei Söllhuben), after 1926 Paula von Göschen-Rösler (Paula von Goeschen-Rösler)

Blühende Schwarzkiefer [Blooming Black Pine]

circa 1920-1930

paper-cut [Scherenschnitt] 

(gouache in dark blue, ocher and rust red on paper, cut and then mounted on Japanese laid paper)

46,7 x 39,7 cm

monogrammed in cut paper on the left of the image: "PGR" 

inscribed and signed "Blühende Schwarzkiefer (Scherenschnitt) / Paula von Goeschen-Rösler" on the passepartout lower left

"Paula Rösler received her first painting experience from a private tutor in her private home in Rodach. She later went to Munich to study art there. However, women were still denied access to the art academy, which is why they had to take up training at the women's academy of the Munich artists' association [Damen-Akademie des Münchner Künstlerinnen-Vereins]. From 1906 she worked as a freelance artist and poet in Munich. She worked in a wide variety of techniques and with a wide variety of materials, but she dealt most intensively with paper cutting and was inspired by the forms of Art Nouveau and Japanese art, in which paper cutting has a long tradition. After various motif experiments in paper cutting, she concentrated almost exclusively on harmoniously stylized and moving plant shapes." B


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