Edwin Henel

Der Orchideengarten,

ink and watercolor on paper,

circa 1919


Edwin Henel (Wroclaw, Poland 1883 - 1953 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)

Der Orchideengarten [The Orchid Garden]

black ink and watercolor on wove paper

36,3 x 26,4 cm (14.3 x 10.4 in.)

circa 1919

signed lower right in black ink: Edwin Henel

The Daulton Collection

This artwork was created as a proposed cover of an issue of Der Orchideengarten, a fantasy magazine published in Munich between January 1919 and November 1921.  The Daulton Collection owns the complete run of the magazine:

Der OrchideengartenPhantastische Blätter [The Orchid Garden, Fantastic Pages]
Karl Hans Strobl and Alfons von Czibulka, editors
Dreiländerverlag, Munich, publisher
29 x 21 cm
1919-1921 (complete run of 51 issues), in three bound volumes, showing, above, the cover of the first issue, January 1919 
The Daulton Collection

A complete copy of the richly illustrated periodical. All three years/volumes: Vol. [Jahrgang] I, Issues [Heft] 1-15, 16 / 17, and 18; Vol. II, Issues 1-24; and  Vol. III, Issues 1-8, 9/10, and 11/12. With literary contributions by K. Edschmid, A. M. Frey, O. M. Graf, L. Perutz, and others, as well as illustrations by A. Beardsley, R. v. Hoerschelmann, H. Kley, A. Kubin, O. Nückel, and others. 


Jack Daulton
The Daulton Collection