Carl Anton Reichel

Collection of etchings 

approximately 100, 

circa 1912-1918



Carl (Karl) Anton Reichel (Wels 1874-1944 Vienna)

Schädel [Skulls]



proof impression of the second state

lower left in pencil signed, dated, and inscribed: "CReichel 1913. II. Zust. Nr 5. [state II, (impression) number 5]"

The Daulton Collection

This etching is one example from a group of approximately 100 Reichel etchings owned by The Daulton Collection, representing a significant portion of Reichel's ouevre of about 300 etchings, and including a number of rare impressions of pre-final states such as the above proof of Schädel [Skulls].

"Symbolist, erotic and bizarre motifs come together in this comprehensive collection of etched, mostly figurative sheets by Carl Anton Reichel. After studying medicine, psychiatry, and psychology in Prague and Vienna - but without a degree - Reichel worked as a self-taught artist, primarily producing woodcuts and especially etchings. He had close ties to Hermann Bahr, Alfred Kubin, Hans Pfitzner, and Arnold Schönberg. And Reichel had a strong interest in India, Tibet and Buddhism.  The pronounced fantasy in his representations made Reichel a forerunner of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism."  B

Another example from the collection:

Carl (Karl) Anton Reichel (Wels 1874-1944 Vienna)

Untitled (nude woman, with enormous serpent?)



lower right in pencil signed and dated: "CReichel 1913."

lower left in pencil numbered: "Nr 2."

The Daulton Collection

Carl (Karl) Anton Reichel (Wels 1874-1944 Vienna)

Ein toter Hund [A Dead Dog]



proof impression

lower left in pencil signed, dated, and inscribed: "CReichel 1918. Z. (...) 1.Dr.." [state ..., impression 1]

lower left in pencil titled: "Ein toter Hund" ["A Dead Dog"]

lower right in pencil inscribed: "Op. 261"

The Daulton Collection

a superb impression


Heinrich Stinnes (1867-1932), Cologne, the most accomplished German print collector of his day

Dr. Markus Nass, Kunsthandel, Berlin, from whom The Daulton Collection acquired in 2017.

Carl (Karl) Anton Reichel (Wels 1874-1944 Vienna)



etching on wove paper (Velin)

circa 24,5 x 23,5 (plate)

circa 92,5 x 72,5 (sheet)

lower left in pencil signed, dated, and inscribed: "CReichel 1920..."

lower left in pencil inscribed with a dedication to "Maria und Wilhelm Falta"

lower right in pencil inscribed: "Op. 269"


The Daulton Collection

Wilhelm Falta (1875-1950) was Bohemian physician based in Vienna who was a pioneer in diabetes research.  He married Maria in 1911.



Jack Daulton

The Daulton Collection

Los Altos Hills, California