Selmar Werner

Bust of Hans Unger





Selmar Werner (Thiemendorf 1864-1953 Graupa)

"Portrait Bust of the Symbolist painter Hans Unger"


bronze, patinated black and green

height 61,5 cm

signed on the base in the cast: "S. Werner"

dated and inscribed with the foundry's name on the base in the cast: "Guss A. Milde & C. Dresden [19] 03"

Only one other cast of this bust is known: in the Dresden Sculpture Collection [Skulpturensammlung, Staatliche Kunstammlungen Dresden], Inv. No. ZV 2221, where, at a later date, gilding was added to the background of the lower part with the hand holding the brush.

Provenance:  Private Collection, Dresden


Rolf Günther: Hans Unger. Leben und Werk mit dem Verzeichnis der Druckgraphik, Dresden 1997, S. 33 mit Abb.

Jugendstil in Dresden. Aufbruch in die Moderne. Ausst. Kat. des Kunstgewerbemuseums der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Dresden 1999, S. 419, Nr. 693.


"Selmar Werner, who came from a Thuringian peasant family, began his work as an art carver and plasterer, initially in Berlin, where he also did his first modeling studies with Eduard Lürssen. In Hamburg, he trained with Richard Thiele and so came to the Dresden Academy [Dresdner Kunstakademie] in autumn 1892, where he studied with Ernst Barlach and Richard Suhr, among others. From 1894, he was a master student with Robert Diez. He received numerous awards while still a student. In 1898, he finally founded his own sculpture workshop, and, in 1906, became August Hudler's successor at the Dresden Academy and, later, owner of the master's workshop for sculpture. Around 1900, he created a number of portrait busts of contemporary artists, including the present bust with the portrait of the Dresden Art Nouveau and Symbolist painter Hans Unger (1872-1936), famous for his "Arcadian women," who was considered by some of his contemporaries to be the last painter prince of Dresden." B



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