Melchior Lechter

Logo for Einhorn Presse,

circa 1909,

ink on paper


Melchior Lechter (1865-1937)

Logo for Einhorn Presse [Unicorn Press]

circa 1909

pen drawing in black ink on paper

monogrammed "ML" at bottom

Contained in Melchior Lechter's personal sample album or scrapbook, circa 1927-28, owned by The Daulton Collection, consisting of approximately 40 pages.

Provenance: Estate of the Artist

In 1909, Melchior Lechter founded the Einhorn Presse within Otto von Holten Verlag, Berlin, through which Lechter published the richly decorated books relating to Stefan George, Christianity, and Indian philosophy, for which he is famous.

Jack Daulton
The Daulton Collection